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We began our journey in October 2021 as the first bubble tea store in Owensboro, Kentucky. Bubble tea isn't just a drink, it's an attitude and a lifestyle. "Drink Fresh, Drink Fun & Drink Healthy" is our mission. With our sincerity, we brought not only the great tasting brown sugar bobas, but also the most natural bubble milk tea which is made from the real tea. That’s what makes us the only one in Tri-state area!

Every drink in your hands is filled with our full-hearted service and brings us closer to each other. We love every customer that we connected with and every relationship we built. Thank you for visiting us today and tomorrow!

Besides the refreshing boba tea drinks, we also serve Fruity Tea, Smoothie, Slushy, Fluffy Ice and more! Order online for pick up or delivery!

For you, a thousand times over…